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“Better than any other…”

Thank you so much for your wonderful tallow. I’m a registered nurse and have absolutely loved using the balm on my dry hands to help them recover from the effects of constant washing and sanitizing. It’s amazingly moisturizing and absorbs much better than any other cream, lotion or balm I’ve tried. The Desert Garden blend has a great light scent and I’ve been using the Facial blend as a once-twice a week deep moisturizer and its left my face glowing despite the dry winter weather here in Central Oregon. Thanks again and looking forward to my new order arrival.

“Works like magic”

September 27, 2013 – I ordered your wonderful, fantastic, terrific skin care before and loved it so much that when I was getting close to the bottom of my last tin of Taos Pine I had to reorder to ensure that I don’t go a single day without your awesome balm! I love it for my lips, I love it for my hands, I love it for any outbreaks on my skin including cuts, mosquito bites, acne! It works like magic!!
Thank you,
– A

“The only one that has made any improvement”

September 18, 2013 – Hi, I first saw a review of the Primal Care Skin Balm in Paleo Magazine a few months ago and purchased a 2 oz. jar of the unscented variety shortly after. It is almost gone, and so I am ordering a new jar, and trying a new scent. I am very pleased with the product. My 8-year-old daughter has a variety of special needs and has very dry and deeply cracked feet. We have tried numerous products, and this is the only one that has made any improvement. After a few days of use, her skin was greatly improved and the cracking and dryness were gone. We use it nearly every day and are very pleased with the results.
– S.B.

“Very luxurious”

September 10, 2013 – I just wanted to let you know I got my balms and have been using them every day since. I’m crazy about the face one – the scent is really mellow and it has brightened and smoothed my sleep-deprived skin. Very luxurious. And I love the scent of the Taos Pines – you guys really did a knock-out job on that one. I feel like I’m walking through a forest on a crisp fall day 🙂
Have you considered making soaps with the bison tallow? I love using tallow-based soaps, but they’re getting harder and harder to find these days.
Thanks for the great stuff!
– Rachael


April-May 2013 – Every winter, our Publisher has issues with dry hands, especially a specific spot on one finger that can get so dry it bleeds. He’s tried numerous products to combat this seasonal problem, with limited success. When we got some samples of Primal Care Skin Balm recently, he was skeptical. His attitude changed fast when after just a few days, the dry hands were gone. Amazing. Primal Care is hand made in New Mexico from only two ingredients: tallow and organic jojoba oil. The tallow, rendered from grass-fed American Bison, contains fat soluble vitamins, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory components. The jojoba oil also has anti-inflammatory qualities that promote rejuvenation and moisture retention in the skin. You can order Primal Care online at and we highly recommend you do. Take it from us, your skin will thank you!

“…an awesome product!”

May 30, 2013 – I saw your product in the Paleo Magazine and ordered two of the 1 ounce tins earlier this month; we received a Taos Pines and Desert Garden. We have enjoyed seeing the results of how the balm helps heal our cuticles and finger tips. I have shared some of my balm at work and am giving one to one of my coworkers. Thanks for making an awesome product!
– Mike


May 8, 2013 – We received our first tin and “Wow!” We love it. My fingertips sometimes crack and this balm leaves ’em feeling better and on the road to healing. Thanks! – Michael Meddles

“This stuff is amazing…”

April 27, 2013 – Hi guys! April here from Utah! I got the facial skin balm a few days ago and have been using it every day…LOVE IT! This stuff is amazing…I just had this intuitive truth hit me when i heard of using tallow on the face from a friend on facebook…it feels as though the knowledge has been inside of me for so long and i just hadn’t tapped into it until now! Your product is great, it smells natural and good and it FEELS amazing on my face and neck. I can already see a difference and can’t wait for the weeks to come! I will keep you posted 🙂

“Better than petroleum-based products”

March 31, 2013 – What a lovely product. I had a bad cold recently, and you know how your nose and lips get… dry and shredded, and painfully cracked. I kept my Facial Balm with me and applied it every hour or so, and it kept me knitted together better than any petroleum-based lip balm I’ve ever used. I’m truly impressed with it and will be coming back for more. It goes a long way too, I’ve barely made a dent in it! And it smells nice. Thank you Tatonka… and PrimalCare. – Barbara D., Taos, NM